Troubleshoot 123 HP Printer

Troubleshooting for all Printer Models

Your printer does not print even when the printer is connected with an electronic device and all software related to the printer or the computer is in good condition, so we finally have getting conclusion that your printer is coming under trouble shooting conditions.

When your printer requires troubleshooting service?

*Printer cable connection problem:

*Power status indicator light not working

*Printer Orange light blinking errors:

*Paper jam occurring in printer head

*Printer ink related issues

*Printer Driver update or corruption issues

*Printer not working

*Printer network connection failure

*E-print and air print service disabled

Simple steps to troubleshoot printers:

*In printer, two cables in the name of data cable and power cable are essential components for making connection between the printer and the computer. Before starting to operate the printer, ensure both cables are connected properly or not

*Power status indicator light is mainly used for indicating power receiving status of the printer. If the light is not blinking, your printer falls under serious faults

*If your printer blinks or lights up orange color light, your printer having paper jam or ink cartridge issues

*When improper size papers are loaded or no paper in a paper tray, create paper jam issues in the printers.

*Replacing ink cartridge gives solutions for all ink related issues.

*Ensure proper or strengthen wireless network facility is avail.

How to troubleshoot HP Printer easily?

1. In window start menu, open control panel.

2. Click hardware and Sound and then select Drivers and Printers.

3. Choose your required printer and right-click on the printer.

4. SelectPrinter Properties option.

5. In general tab of a printer Properties window, click a Print Test Page button

6. Give printing for a test page. If it is done correctly, your printer is set up properly

For all above all methods are utilized for the printer and MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT software installed computer.