Setup for all Printer Models

Are you buying new HP printer? or else your used HP printer have setup related issues? Proper Printer Setup is mandatory for experiencing good printing output. Originally Printer Setup operation is performed in wired manner. But Now, HP releases lot of Printer models along with in-built wireless features. Follow the below steps to get clear idea about common setup for all printer models.
Step-by-step guidance for easy HP printer setup in wireless or wired manners:

Step1: Plugin a power card of your printer and ensure your printer to be powered on.

Step2: Connect a USB cable from your printer to your computer

Step3: In your computer, go to startup button located left of your computer.

Step4: Click Startup button and select Control Panel in computer pop-up wizard.

Step5: If you using Windows operating system in your computer, Select Hardware and device. If you are using a Mac OS in your computer, select printer setting in System Preferences options

Step6: In Hardware and Devices, Select Devices and Printers.

Step7: Select Add a Printer in new Devices and Printers window.

Step8: Select preferable Printer from Printer and Faxes option.

Step9: Right click the selected printer and chose as a default printer.

Step10: Now your printer is added perfectly.

How to wirelessly setup HP printers with computer using WiFi?

Wirelessly setup Printer with computer is made from anywhere with the help of internet only. Making strong network simplifies your printing operations.

Step1: Select Control panel followed by selecting a window startup option.

Step2: Hit Devices and Printers in Hardware and Sound window.

Step3: Choose Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth Printer followed by selecting Add a Printer.

Step4: You have to obtain a pop up window along with list of wireless printers.

Step5: Select the particular window need to be setup from the list and click Next option.

Step6: Follow onscreen instructions and finally click OK button.

Step7: Now your printer is setup successfully.