123 HP Windows Setup


With the help of below mentioned instructions, you can wirelessly connect your wireless printer with Desktop Computer having Window XP, Window Vista, Window 7, Window 8, Window 8.1, and Window 10. Before going to perform printer setup with Window integrated computer, ensure that the Printer and the Windows Computer are connected to the same wired or wireless network.

In Computer device, GO to Control panel and Select Network or Internet, or open Network Setup at right corner of your computer.

In Control panel, go to Network and Sharing Center and select Add a Wireless Network to the device.

Obtain one popup Window and choose your selective network.

Connect the Wi-Fi network into your Window Computer followed by entering user name and Password.

Now your computing device is ready to print.

Open an application which has documents to be printed.

Click on a Print icon.

Before Printing, Check printing pages along with print preview screen.

Click OK button for Printing along with number of copies, printing color, color orientation, and paper size and range.

After following the above instructions, you can print your favorite documents from your computer devices wirelessly. If you not able to print means, your printer has one of following issues.

Printer in OFF Conditions

Network availability issues

Power saving mode in ON conditions

If you have the above said problem means, what do you to solve it. Printer Troubleshoot is simple way of solving the printing issues. Follow the below instructions,

Ensure that an electrical power cord of your printer is plugged into an electrical outlet properly.

Whether a printer power switch is turned on or not. If not means, switch on it first.

Make sure that all necessary computers and routers are turned on too.

Ensure your wireless network strength in very strong range.