123 HP Air Print Setup


AirPrint service provides Mobile printing solutions, by which you can print your documents wirelessly by connecting e-print integrated printer with your mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Apple Phone, iPod with iOS v4.2 and future OS versions, and computers with macOS wih all versions or Windows like Window 8, window 10, Window 7, window Xp, window vista and other versions.

Before going to do AirPrint Service from mobile device, ensure that necessity credentials to connect the printer and the mobile device to wireless network is avail with the following questions.

Whether both your printer and your mobile device are connected together using same wireless network?

Whether your mobile device has AirPrint applications

Whether you have wireless Network Name Service Set Identifier (SSID) and Password?

How to perform 123 HP printer AirPrint Setup for iphones, Windows, and other mobile devices?

Connect your mobile device with wireless network or WiFi.

In your mobile device, Tap AirPrint apps.

Open AirPrint apps and choose Printing options. .

Select your app or document that is going to be print

When you are not able to find the print option, check application User Guide or Help section from 123.hp.com.

Connect your printer with the same network which is connected with the mobile device.

Tap printing options for selected application in your mobile device.

Tap a printer, which has Airprint service.

Choose printing pages along with a number of copies or other options.

Click OK Options and get Printing outputs.

You can print any AirPrintable formats like web application, email or photo from windows, MacOS, Android and other advanced OS integrated mobile devices.

123 HP Printer AirPrint is an Apple based technology, which produce full-quality printed output in document or photo format by single touch from your device without requiring to download or install printer drivers.