Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The term Terms and Conditions declare business relationship between you and our technical support service and use requirements of 123printersupport. You have to ensure to ready all the listed important information and instructions carefully

AGREEMENT:These terms and conditions combined with relationship between your requirements, privacy policy and the refund policy policies express agreement between you and our service.

123PrinterSupport.Com CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN:We have expertized and proficient technical personnel to provide their effective service as per our terms and conditions

SERVICE / SUBSCRIPTION PLANS:We allow you to refer our 123printersupport.com website for getting information about our Services or plans by calling toll-free number mentioned in our Website

SOFTWARE:The term Software states computer programs and other software used in 123printersupport.com like CD, and installation and other security software.

SUBMISSION OF PLAN ORDERS AND BUILDING OF SERVICE PLANS:123printersupport.com not liable for services regarding any Plan Order, which is not addressed by us.

LINKING:We are restricted to post Materials or Software or any advertisement, and hyperlinks to any place of our 123printersupport website.

SYSTEMATIZED LICENSES TO USE 123PRINTERSUPPORT.COM WEBSITE, MATERIALS AND SOFTWARE: We allow you may to access or utilize materials and Software placed within out 123printersupport.com website when you are committed with our plan order service.


  • Cooperate with technical experts of 123printersupport.com
  • Allow our technical experts to access needed software and hardware during online or remote service or phone conversation with 123printersupport.com.
  • Understand and accept that 123printersupport.com not taking charge of any lost or adulterated programming or information. We insist you to keep up a total information reinforcement and debacle recuperation plan at all times.
  • Ready to give account name, Password, and Security answers for filling registration of 123printersupport.

THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE:123printersupport.com does not give rights to Third Party Software and does not permit Third Party Software to access your personal information


123printersupport.com is an independent third party technical support provider for giving solutions for all model Printer related issues through remote online guidance for all printer models. Brand Information, brand images, trademarks and brand names mentioned in our website is only provided for customer reference intention. We are encouraging our customer to go through our website terms and conditions, and privacy policies to know more about our services.