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All About Types of HP Deskjet Printer Models

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Models of HP Deskjet Printers

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printers are known for their high quality and durability. However, HP offers 2 popular printers- Deskjet and Inkjets. HP Deskjet Printers are specialized printers that use inkjet technology. The premium feature that HP provides to all users of Deskjet printers is immediate ink readiness. It also supports wireless printing. You can easily connect your HP Deskjet printer to your tablets and phones via WI-FI connectivity. There are many models of HP Deskjet that are compatible with the HP Smart app.

HP DeskJet printers are easy to install and setup. You can use different methods to set up and install your HP DeskJet printer using wired (USB Cable or Ethernet Connection) and wireless technology depending upon the model and type of gadget you want to connect. If your printer has Wi-Fi connectivity, then use the wireless method and if you prefer to connect the printer directly to your PC or laptop without using the internet, you can use a USB cable. Read our complete guide on How to Connect an HP Printer to a Wireless Network to determine the best method to connect your HP DeskJet printer to a wireless network.

Deskjet Printers are compact in their design which makes it easy to set up and use. It is portable and light enough to be used anywhere. Another best thing about this kind of printing machine is its Cloud printing feature that allows you to access digital media directly from your cloud storage folders such as from iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The HP Deskjet Printer is best known for its higher capacity, quality and convenience. These types are available in a range of sizes, from modest home printers to bigger machines for frequent and regular use.

You can choose any model from the available range of HP Deskjet models in the market. If you want to print in large volumes, we suggest you go for HP Deskjet printers over inkjet printer models. It has the ability to print almost three pages in a minute.

Popular HP Deskjet Printer:

123 HP Deskjet Printer has been designed with some extra features to make it better at printing results than its competitors. It mainly offers domestic functionality. It is pocket-friendly and user-friendly. The device can be easily connected to a Wi-Fi network and a USB port. Connect your printer to your home network to make printing easy.


123 HP Deskjet Printers

List of HP Deskjet Printer Models – 1 and 2 Series:

123 HP DJ 1000                                                                           123 HP DJ 2540

123 HP DJ 1010                                                                           123 HP DJ 2542

123 HP DJ 1050                                                                           123 HP DJ 2544

123 HP DJ 1110                                                                           123 HP DJ 2545        

123 HP DJ 1112                                                                           123 HP DJ 2549

123 HP DJ 1510                                                                           123 HP DJ 2622

123 HP DJ 2130                                                                           123 HP DJ 2624

123 HP DJ 2131                                                                           123 HP DJ 2635

123 HP DJ 2132                                                                           123 HP DJ 2652

123 HP DJ 2135                                                                           123 HP DJ 2655


123 HP Deskjet 1000 Printer:

  • HP Deskjet 1000 printer is budget friendly with wired connectivity of USB 2.0. 
  • With simple controls, a 60-sheet input tray, and a 25-sheet output tray, the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer is equipped.
  • You can print high-quality black and white and color documents with HP original ink and optional high capacity HP ink cartridges offer a solid value with frequent printing.
  • The design of this printer is pretty compact. That means you won’t have any issues in placing it anywhere. 
  • The drivers of HP Deskjet 1000 printer can use on both Windows and Mac system.

HP Deskjet 1510 Printer All-In-One Printer:

  • HP Deskjet 1510 printer saves your space with a compact all-in-one design to fit where you need it.
  • You can use an all-in-one that is meant to be easily inexpensive to print, scan, and duplicate the papers you require.
  • Optional high-capacity cartridges, print cost-effectively.

HP 123 Deskjet 2540 Wireless Color All-In-One  Printer 

  • The Deskjet 2540 makes it simple to print from any location.
  • Without requiring any drivers to be installed, you can print wirelessly from an Apple PC, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • This is compatible with Airprint.
  • The Deskjet 2540 features a convenient 2-cartridge ink system with 1 tri-color cartridge and 1 black cartridge.
123 HP DJ Models 3-4 series

List of 123 HP Deskjet Printer Models – 3 and 4 Series:

123 HP DJ 3050                                                                           123 HP DJ 3655

123 HP DJ 3520                                                                           123 HP DJ 3700

123 HP DJ 3630                                                                           123 HP DJ 3752

123 HP DJ 3631                                                                           123 HP DJ 3755

123 HP DJ 3632                                                                           123 HP DJ 3758

123 HP DJ 3633                                                                           123 HP DJ 3830

123 HP DJ 3634                                                                           123 HP DJ 4530

123 HP DJ 3635                                                                           123 HP DJ 4535

123 HP DJ 3636                                                                           123 HP DJ 4670

123 HP DJ 3637                                                                            123 HP DJ 4729


HP 123 Deskjet 3050 All-in-One Printer:

  • With the Deskjet 3050, you can quickly scan and copy original documents before printing them without using those cumbersome connection wires to keep the printer connected to your computer.
  • Getting started is simple with a one-touch wireless set up and a quick and easy installation.
  • It has a sleep mode that is akin to running a clock radio and is ENERGY STAR-approved.
  • A single black pigment-based ink cartridge for crisp, clear text and a tri-color dye-based ink cartridge for brilliant color make up the Deskjet 3050’s two-ink cartridge system.

HP 123 Deskjet 3755 Compact All-In-One-Wireless Printer:

  • This printer is designed to fit where you need it – any room and any spot with its ultra-compact all-in-one feature. 
  • The main functions of this HP Deskjet 3755 compact printer is – copy, scan, wireless printing, Airprint, instant ink ready (so you will never run out of Ink). 

HP 123 Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535 All-In-One Multi-function Printer:

  • HP Photo and Document All-in-One Printers give you the freedom to print anything from documents, emails, and web pages to lab-quality images.
  • You can easily print, scan, and copy using the 2.2-inch (5.5-cm) display-just touch and go. The ability to print remotely is available.
  • With the free HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app, manage printing chores and scan while on the road.
  • With HP’s low-cost ink cartridges, you’ll be able to print all the dazzling photos and documents you need.

The new generation of HP Deskjet printers provides a number of benefits over the earlier variants of the same. Improvements are made to these printer models which resulted in more than 50 percent of reduction in their energy requirements. You can choose the HP model which suits best to your business or needs. 


123 HP printer Common Problem

HP DeskJet Printers Common Issues:

HP printers are considered to be the most reliable in the industry. But just like any other piece of IT equipment, these are also vulnerable to technical failures and may shows errors. Here, we are going to discuss some most common HP DeskJet printer errors and glitches which a user can face anytime while utilizing this print machine:


  1. Frequent Paper Jams:

The most occurring and common issue with any printer is frequent paper jams. There can be number of reasons behind this such as using wrong paper type, rollers on the printer that feed the paper through its pathway are worn down, using low quality papers etc. However, cleaning the printer periodically and using the correct paper type can fix these issues but replacing the rollers can be a difficult job.

  1. Printed Document Quality is not as Expected:

The Deskjet sometimes fails to print in black ink, or sometimes produces faded printouts, blurred or fuzzy text documents. The reason may be not using genuine HP ink cartridges. You can buy original and genuine HP ink cartridges from HP store or go to Hp.123.com/setup link. Users can read our comprehensive guide for the resolution of this problem in our blog how do I Fix my HP Printer Not Printing in Black or Color Ink?

  1. Printer Offline Error Message:

Your HP DeskJet Printer may sometimes shows an offline error message. It’s very easy to get your printer back online with just a few simple checks and steps. Check the connection status and reset the printer if this is the case.

  1. Wireless Connection Issues:

Though the printer is connected to the wireless network, sometimes the connection gets dropped and makes the printer unable to print. In this case, use HP wireless troubleshooting to solve the issue.

  1. Incompatible Ink Cartridge or Ink Cartridge Missing Error:

While printing, some users may get a pop up “incompatible ink cartridge or ink cartridge missing” error. Replacing the ink cartridge may be a solution to this issue in most cases, However, there can be numerous reasons and need proper method to fix the issue. For detailed instructions to resolve this error problem, go to our blog – how to Fix HP Printer Ink Cartridge Error? Here, you will find the complete steps to resolve different ink cartridge errors which a HP user may face while printing documents.

Printers can run reliably for many years and thousands of prints, but they can also malfunction or stop working entirely due to any reason mentioned above, but timely resolution can give you relief from troubling to printer problems unnecessarily.  

Are you troubling with the same problem with your HP DeskJet Printer? If yes, do not hesitate to contact us anytime on our toll-free number HP DeskJet Printer Support Number USA.

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