Top Picks Of Brother Printers for Home Office

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Top Picks for Brother Printers for Home Office

Printers are increasingly becoming an essential part of every office and at home. Be it for printing photographs, official text documents, or children’s homework, the utility of printers is increasing day by day. Though the basic technology for printers hasn’t changed significantly in the past few years, manufacturers have been constantly launching printers adding new features making them more efficient and less expensive. In this blog, we are going to discuss Best Brother Printers for use in the home office along with their model number and complete review.

The market is flooded with lots of printer models and choosing the best printer for your home office is going to be uneasy for anyone. Brother printers are among the reputed names in printers and it has a massive inventory encompassing all budgets and needs. Brother printers closely fit the needs of small offices as well as for home offices.

However, printers are categorized, priced, and optimized for different purposes. You will still be choosing between laser or inkjet printers, color, and monochrome printers, all-in-one multifunction printers, or print-only devices. What you choose depends upon what you need. So, to ease your printer selection, the reason should be clear for which you want the printer.

So which Brother Printer should I buy? There are several other factors to consider before purchasing a new printer. Here are some questions to ask yourself while deciding what to buy.

  • Do I only want to print with my printer? Or need fax and scan capabilities too?
  • What device do I want to connect with my Brother printer?
  • Laser or InkJet Printer?
  • What is the maximum print job size I would do at a time?
  • Do I want wireless connectivity or want to use USB?
  • What are major connectivity options available?
  • Do I want my printer to blend in with my home decor?
  • Do I want to print in only black or need color prints too?

Brother Printer Support team has already reviewed some top-of-the-game Brother printers for everyday printing jobs in your home to make it easier for you to choose the best printer according to your needs and budget. So, read this blog, to discover some popular Brother Printer models for a home office that not only offers stunning features but are affordable too.

Here, you will be getting knowledge about:

  1. A detailed review of various Brother Printer Models and Types of Brother Printers.
  2. Describing features, pros, and cons of Brother Printers.
  3. We will then lastly walk through the key factors to consider stating the reason to buy or avoid the printer.

Top Brother Printers for Home Office Use

If you find yourself in need of a printer, it’s not difficult to find one. Here are the 8 Best Brother Printers for your Home Office:

Brother Printer For Home Office

1. Brother MFC-L3770CDW Laser Printer

The Brother MFC-L3770CDW is the best color laser printer for home or small offices you can buy. It has an outstanding build quality that should last for years, and its input tray can hold a large amount of paper, making it a great choice for big print jobs. With features like NFC, an automatic document feeder, and two-sided duplex printing, it is a great printer for a small office.

Brother MFC-L3770CDW laser printer is fast both when it comes to scanning and printing. Its Printing speed is superb and it accepts high-yield cartridges, so you won’t have to replace the toners as often. Although it takes longer to print the first page, subsequent pages are much faster.

Its scanning features are superb having an automatic document feeder making it easy to scan multiple pages and two-sided documents as well.

If we consider the printing quality, Brother MFC-L3770CDW is a great printer for printing black and white documents but it is bad for printing photos. It is mediocre in color accuracy and it can’t print on photo paper.

In terms of efficiency, its toner cartridge efficiency is pretty great, and you do get a high yield out of every toner cartridge.

Brother MFC-L3770CDW laser printer has many connectivity options. You can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria Print Service, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to print from an external drive like an SD card and Bluetooth.

The Bottom Line

The Brother MFC-L3770CDW multipurpose laser printer, scanner, copier & fax is a perfect device for all types of work-from-home and small business requirements. It is also great for any type of school project. However, it’s not recommended for photo printing or graphic design. 

Brother MFC-J4335DW Printer home office

2. Brother MFC-J4335DW Printer

Brother MFC-J4335DW all-in-one printer is perfect for families that easily fit into small and home offices. Like most printers today, it is fast, offers duplex printing, and can even fax. The build quality is very good and sturdy, and there’s easy access to the ink cartridges and potential paper jams.  

The compact size makes it perfect for your desk, where you can easily reach the front buttons for scanning, copying, and faxing.

Brother MFC-J4335DW has a very good printing speed and it prints impressively quickly.  It gets single pages out very quickly, and prints longer documents out at a good speed.

The Brother MFC-J4335DW is great for black-and-white printing, with superb black page yields at a fantastic cost-per-print. However, it produces okay color accuracy, and you need to set the quality to “High” to produce usable photos without any banding.

Additionally, it also has an incredible cartridge system, with outstanding black page yields and excellent color page yields. 

The scanning features in Brother MFC-J4335DW are very good, so you can easily digitize old photos or process multi-page documents. Unfortunately, although it has an automatic document feeder that can hold a maximum of 20 sheets, it can’t duplex scan.

If we look for connectivity options, you can print from many devices, as there are great connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria Print Service. You can use the Brother Mobile Connect app to print, scan, and copy directly from your mobile device, check ink levels, perform maintenance tasks, and even order supplies. 

The Bottom Line

The Brother MFC-J4335DW is an all-in-one color inkjet printer that’s good for families and excellent for students. Compared to similarly priced color inkjet printers, it’s worse at printing nice-quality photos, but it does print documents much faster, and its page yields and cost-per-print are far superior. 

Brother HL-L2370DW Monochrome Printer

3. Brother HL-L2370DW Monochrome Printer

The Brother HL-L2370DW monochrome printer is excellent for family and small office use. Its built quality is good and offers easy access through a back panel for any potential paper jams and you can easily replace the toner cartridge by opening a panel in the front. Its compact size makes it a better option for your small office and home office if you’re tight on space.

This printer has an exceptionally fast printing speed as it can churn out a full 30-page article in under a minute, which is outstanding so, you won’t have to wait around for long documents to print.

It uses a single black toner cartridge, which has a very high page yield. The toner isn’t too expensive either, so the cost-per-print is very affordable. 

Like most black and white laser printers, the Brother HL-L2370DW monochrome printer is an excellent choice if you only ever need to print documents in black and white. Moreover, if you need to be able to print diagrams or illustrations in color, or scan your notes, then it’s a bad choice since it doesn’t have a scanner or print in color. Additionally, it can’t print on glossy photo paper and doesn’t support any photo paper sizes.

Brother HL-L2370DW has excellent wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, or the Brother iPrint & Scan companion app, but it is a bit disappointing that it does not support Bluetooth.  

The Bottom Line

If all you need is something that can print in simple black and white then this printer is a superb option since it prints quickly and is affordable to use.

Brother HL-L5100DN Laser Printer

4. Brother HL-L5100DN Laser Printer

This Brother HL-L5100DN Mono Laser Printer is relatively compact and has automatic duplexing capabilities which make it ideal for home and business use. The paper handling capacity of the Brother HL-L5100DN also makes it stand out amongst its competitors. The main paper tray holds 250 pages, while the folding front tray can hold another 50 sheets, or envelopes and smaller paper sizes. 

Brother HL-L5100DN is lightning fast and can print at a speed of 40 pages per minute. It lives up to expectations by churning out black and white pages at remarkable speed. 

If we look at its print quality, Brother HL-L5100DN has an impressive print quality with a maximum rated resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi).

Additionally, this device also comes standard with the automatic duplexing capability.

Brother HL-L5100DN lacks Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct connectivity capabilities, however, you can easily share documents with others using the built-in Ethernet networking or print locally using the USB interface.

The Bottom Line

The Brother HL-L5100DN is a strong choice mono laser printer for up to heavy-duty printing in a small or home office. In terms of running costs, this is one of the most economical devices in its market segment. If you don’t need to connect wirelessly but you need to print a lot of pages quickly then this is a perfect model to buy.

rother MFC-J5945DW Multifunction Printer

5. Brother MFC-J5945DW Multifunction Printer

The Brother MFC-J5945DW is an all-in-one, multifunction printer which means it can print, scan, copy and fax that is perfect for small businesses and home offices.

Like many of today’s higher-end business-centric printers, the MFC-J5945DW comes with a 50-sheet single-pass automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning, copying, and faxing two-sided multipage documents.

It comes bundled with standard-sized ink cartridges, but with high-yield cartridges available and able to deliver 6,000 pages, this MFP’s running costs are actually lower than some laser printers.

The Brother MFC-J5945DW prints quickly and quietly that can churn out pages of plain text at a rate of 22ppm, which is fast for an inkjet. 

The MFC-J5945DW also turns out nice-looking photos, with brilliant and accurate colors and distinct details. It also supports borderless printing, allowing you to create documents and photos with content that “bleeds” to the edge of the page.

Brother MFC-J5945DW has many connectivity options with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Brother’s iPrint & Scan app for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

The Bottom Line

If you have a small office and involves in heavy-duty printing then the MFC-J5945DW’s low printing costs, quality output, and rich feature set make it a solid choice.

Brother HL-L2395DW Laser Printer

6. Brother HL-L2395DW Laser Printer

The Brother HL-L2395DW is an excellent laser printer for those who mainly print monochrome documents. It has a great design that makes it easy to access the toner, and its great connectivity options allow you to print from virtually any device.

It has exceptional printing speed, which can save you a lot of time, although it takes longer to print the first page, the following pages are much faster.

The Brother HL-L2395DW is excellent in printing black and white also, it can produce a large number of copies on a single toner cartridge. Unfortunately, this printer isn’t meant for printing photos and it produces a terrible photo. Also, it can’t print on glossy photo paper.

The scanning features of Brother HL-L2395DW are mediocre. Although the scanning resolution and color depth are good enough for photos, sadly it doesn’t have an Automatic Document Feeder and can’t scan two-sided documents.

The Brother HL-L2395DW has great connectivity options. It supports most wireless connections, but it doesn’t support Bluetooth. Also, it can’t print from a storage device such as a USB thumb drive.

The Bottom Line

The Brother HL-L2395DW is a mediocre printer for home or small offices. Although it’s a good fit for students or for those who need a basic printer that can handle large printing jobs at a fast pace

Brother DCP L2550DW Monochrome Printer

7. Brother DCP L2550DW Monochrome Printer

The Brother DCPL2550DW is the ideal choice for the home or small office looking for a fast, reliable multi-function copier. It offers flexible paper handling of a variety of papers and sizes including card stock, envelopes, etc. to help you create professional-looking documents.

It uses an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that allows up to 50 sheets of paper at a go for multi-page copying and scanning.

Brother DCPL2550DW Monochrome has good printing speeds of up to 32 pages per minute with a maximum duty cycle of 15,000 pages a month.

It has better print quality with above-average graphics and text printing irrespective of the font size or type. However, it gives slightly subpar graphics and below-par photos.

This model allows printing from a wide range of devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops. The alternative to printing via a wireless connection is using the Ethernet interface. You can also connect locally to a single computer via a USB interface. 

Additionally, Brother DCPL2550DW allows printing from a wide range of devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

The alternative to printing via a wireless connection is using the Ethernet interface. You can also connect locally to a single computer via a USB interface. 

Moreover, it supports Google Cloud Print, works with the Brother iPrint & Scan app, and is both AirPrint- and Mopria-compliant to facilitate printing from iOS and Android devices. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to buy an economical, highly efficient, and user-friendly home or small office printer and copier, then the Brother DCP-L2550DW is a reliable choice for your printing needs.

Brother HL-L2300D Printer

8. Brother HL-L2300D Printer

If you’re looking for a small, compact, and cheap laser printer, the Brother HL-L2300D is a great option. It is one of the best printers around that offers excellent features along with good paper handling. This printer comes with a toner save mode that uses less toner to save money and reduce the number of replacements.

It has a compact boxy design that’s great for office and home use. The printer has a manual feed slot and a rear paper exit, which makes it easy to print two-sided documents. 

The Brother HL-L2300D is great for productivity thanks to its super-fast print speed and the 250 sheet paper tray which is adjustable and can handle both letter and legal paper sizes. With a print speed of 27 ppm, it offers fast printing and high productivity.

The Brother HL-L2300D can print professional quality black and white pages at a high resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, be it text documents or images and illustrations.

It has a main drawback, unlike other Brother printers the HL-2300D doesn’t offer wireless options such as AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, and there’s no Ethernet port. So, USB is the only way to connect and print and since the device does not include a USB cable in the box, you’ll have to get your own cable.

The Bottom Line

It is the best monochrome printer compact enough to fit on your desk for home or office use. Brother HL-L2300D is a perfect choice for casual use, home-based business, or small-scale businesses that involve a lot of document printing.

If you do not need wireless connectivity and color prints, Brother HL-L2300D is an excellent printer that offers a good combination of speed, paper handling, excellent print quality, higher toner life, and compact size, all packed in one.

Start your Printer Buying Journey with us – Phone Number for Brother Printer Support

For the latest reviews, expert guidance, and valuable recommendations to buy the best and most affordable home office Brother Printers for your printing needs that match your requirements, check out our website Choosing the best printer can be a tough job, given the ocean of printers out there.

So, it is a great idea to get an expert’s view or check out the product in person before you buy. Thankfully, we are here to help and support you while deciding upon the best printers for your Home office and family.  

Brother Printer Customer Service, USA provides the best printer reviews that are available in the market to help Brother Printer users in making a perfect choice from the niche. Moreover, if you are one who doesn’t have much time to review each and every printer available online, read on for our blogs and recommendations in satisfying your printer buying journey.

With so many features and factors to consider, buying a great printer can seem pretty complicated. From choosing the right printer model to ordering the supplies, 123printersupport can help you choose with confidence. If you want to buy the best printers on a low budget, we would recommend the Brother printers. Brother printers are available at almost any online or in-store venue that sells laptops and other computer equipment.

And if you ever run into trouble with the printer you choose, our support team is always with you to offer peace of mind helping you to get out of every technical glitch pertaining to your printer. Our 24/7 hour support service is robust across the US.

So, choose wisely, if you are running a small business and printing in high volumes, Brother Laser Printers are best for you, and if you print or scan documents occasionally, All-in-one Brother Printers are just made for you. Additionally, you may opt for Brother InkJet Color Printers, if your job involves a wide range of high-quality colors or complex graphics & photos, or charts. If you plan to do plenty of printing but dread the effort of constantly ordering and replacing ink cartridges, super tank printers are the perfect solution.

Whatever model you may have chosen for your home office, we recommend always buying an authentic Brother Ink Cartridges and Toner to protect your printer from getting damaged and helps you get the best overall value from your purchase. Moreover, always seek out printers that come with great warranties and support.

If you are the one having questions in mind when looking to buy a printer, do not waste time and contact us immediately for the best printer buying guide.

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