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HP Error E8 Light Signal Fixed

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HP 123 Error E8 Light Signal Fixed

How to Fix HP Error E8 Light Signal?

HP printers are among the top-of-the-line printing gadgets around the world. The US people cherish these items for various reasons. One of them is that HP printers are known for their toughness. Actually, purchasing such a printer implies making a venture for quite a long time to come. But, there are tough times, when you can face some technical hindrances with the HP printers which can certainly stop you from working on it. In this blog, we are discussing “HP Printer Error E8 Light Signal”.

The error E8 means- problems with your scanner carriage. When your carriage movement stops or is disrupted, the printer automatically starts sending an E8 error light. Another possible reason for “Error E8” with HP printers could be software-based. Sometimes, there is a break in the scanner motor connection, or the motor itself is a culprit that may be preventing carriage smooth movement.

Although, cleaning and maintenance will most likely resolve the issues behind the E8 error light signal. For detailed troubleshooting tips, refer to the cleaning and maintenance procedure below. Before the troubleshooting tips, we will discuss the reasons due to which this error code emerges with HP Printers. As the case may be, users are advised to take professional help to eliminate this error issue by contacting 123printersupport.com, the USA for immediate fixing of the issue.  


Causes of HP Error E8

There are several reasons for HP error E8. Let’s check them:

  • The print head carriage is unable to connect to the correct unit’s home page
  • The carriage’s springs, which are present on both sides, get confused.
  • The carriage-covering cartridge that has been unlocked.


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Troubleshooting Steps HP Printer Error E8-

In this blog, we will learn some troubleshooting steps for Error E8:

Solution 1: 

This error can be fixed by removing paper bits or dust etc. remaining inside the printer. Let’s follow the mention steps :

  • Lift the scanner cover. Take care to lift both plastic tabs in order to get them securely locked in the open position.
  • Now, lift the scanner head to a moderate height. 
  • You should carefully examine if there are any bits of paper, or dust, or staple or paper clip, as these pieces can disturb the proper functioning of your HP Printer. 

Solution 2:

In this method, we will clean the print head with a cloth. The steps will include:

  • Open the scanner’s lid. Lift the plastic tabs that are present on both sides slowly until they are in the locked open position, where they are firmly locked.
  • Clean the encoder strip right now. You must now lift the scanner to the right side and tuck it safely beneath the cover in order to complete this.
  • Bring a lint-free cloth along. Hold the encoder in your hands with care. To properly clean it, carefully slide the lint-free cloth over it.


Solution 3:

In some cases, the print head goes out of position or dislocated slightly. This causes the error message- ‘HP printer Error e8’ to pop up. In this situation you can resolve the matter by following steps:

  • Firstly, switch off your printer.
  • Remove all wires from the wall socket, the computer, and the printing device.
  • Keep your printer on for at least 10 minutes to let the internal fan to cool down the very hot elements within your HP Printer.
  • Now that your printer is open, carefully reposition the strip inside of it.


Solution 4:

In many situations, the issue can be solved by following very simple steps that involve cleaning the parts of the printer to see it functioning smoothly once again. Such are the following instructions:

  • Remove your printer’s power cord, which is located on the back of your HP printer.
  • Remove the USB wires that link your printer to your computer.
  • Keep your printer turned on for at least 10 minutes to let the internal fan to cool the highly hot sections of your HP Printer.
  • You should now make arrangements for lint-free cloth. Lightly moisten it.
  • Clean the Scanner Glass gently with a lint-free cloth. Keep in mind that no liquid should enter the gadget.
  • Connect the USB cables and the power cord.
  • Turn on your HP printer, and your printer should now operate properly.


Contact 123printersupport Team for Quick Support via Remote Help  

By following the above different solutions, the issue can be resolved by 90%. But do remember to clean and maintain mechanical parts of your printer regularly to prevent the issue from recurring in the future. If you still need any help, we recommend you to call us on our 123printersupport.com for any help and support 24/7.

You can believe the HP 123printersupport in the USA, as this group has been in this business for quite a while. Amid that period they’ve confronted a wide range of issues, figuring out how to manage them quickly. In this way, rather than giving issues a chance to demolish the printing exhibitions of your gadget, you can dial the 123printersupport Team and make everything right!


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