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Hp Laserjet Pro m202dw Print Quality Fix

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Fixing Hp m202dw Print Quality Issue 

Are you wondering why the quality of your printed document is not as expected? For most print quality issues, not using genuine toner cartridges, poor paper quality, wrong econo mode settings etc. can be responsible. Even though Hewlett-Packard printers are recognised for their dependability, they nevertheless require expert assistance when dealing with significant printer difficulties. Getting in touch with the experts in this field, who have vast knowledge in dealing with such issues efficiently will help you in fixing a print quality issue with your HP LaserJet Pro m202dw printer model instantly. Just make a call at our toll-free number HP Printer Support Phone Number, USA, and get in touch with a team of professionals at the convenience of your home or office. 

“Quality is everything when it comes to printing”, no matter what is the objective of printing is. Let us discuss here how we can fix print quality issue such as- faded, fuzzy or dark print, partially missing print or scattered toner etc. But firstly, we should be aware of the practices which causes printing quality problems in HP Laserjet Pro m202dw device.  

In this blog, you will learn the reasons behind the bad quality issue and how we can fix this issue using various techniques.


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Top Reasons for Bad Quality Printing of hp m202dw :

For the IT professional team, it might be difficult to identify that how to fix the most common printing issue associated with any print machine. But, recognizing the root cause of the complication may solve the issue to some extent merely by avoiding the element creating obstacles:-

  1. There isn’t enough toner in the printer.
  2. Not using genuine HP ink cartridges.
  3. Print density is too low.
  4. Using rough paper.
  5. Econo mode printing is turned on.
  6. Building up of toner specks, smears, or marks inside the printer.
  7. Wrong print settings.

The above conditions can affect your print job and make your document look filthy or not acceptable. So, in order to resolve the print quality issue for the HP 123  Laserjet Pro m202dw printer, you have to follow the certain steps mentioned below. Following these guidelines will make sure that your print job will not suffer anymore

Guidelines for making Hp Laserjet Pro m202dw Printer Print Clear:

Using the following troubleshooting steps will make your printing task trouble-free and you will feel peaceful in your mind.

  1. Use authentic HP cartridges
  2. Check Print Settings
  3. Choose the right paper
  4. Check Econo Mode settings
  5. Replacing low or empty cartridges
  6. Replace the Printhead
  7. Printer Service

Let us discuss all the steps in detail:

Use authentic HP cartridges:

It is always suggested by the HP IT professionals to use genuine ink cartridges or toner supplies by HP. If you are using non-HP 123 cartridges in your HP Laserjet Pro m202dw printer, you may not get the desired results and your document will not be printed as required. And if you are utilizing an authentic cartridge by HP, and still not satisfied with the result, try another step.

Check HP Printer Print Settings:

Sometimes print settings are wrong which is affecting the print quality of your document adversely. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your printouts, increase the print quality or decreasing the print quality can be done for quick printing. Print settings are different for Windows or Mac computers.

If print settings are perfect, and you are still getting the undesired results, go to next solution mentioned below.

Choose the right paper:

An additional reason for bad quality printing is not using good quality paper in your device. Each printer has an alien with a defined size and quality for configuring with paper packs, and it is just as crucial to pick genuine ink as it is to choose the proper paper for your printer. Better print quality could be obtained using smoother paper. Make sure you are using or ordering paper that is designed for HP Laserjet printers for your print job.   

Continue to next step, if changing the print settings did not resolve your issue.

Check The Econo Mode settings:

123 HP recommends that one should not use the econo mode setting for full-time. Toner supply might outlast the mechanical parts in the toner cartridge if the Econo mode is used full-time.

If the changing Econo Mode setting do not resolve the issue, go to the next troubleshooting method. 

Replacing low or empty cartridges in HP 123 Printer:

Print quality may got affected if the ink cartage is getting expired which directly lay impact over print quality of printer. Checking cartridge status and immediately replacing low or empty ink cartridges when an indicator shows low ink levels will definitely avoid possible delays in the print job. However, you do not require to replace toner until print quality becomes unacceptable.

If it is found that you need to replace an ink cartridge, remember to purchase all ink supplies from a genuine HP store or Hp.123.com/setup. To check the authenticity of your ink cartridge, check the words HP or Hewlett-Packard or the HP logo on it.

How to check Ink Cartridges Status?

  1. From the Home screen on the product control panel, scroll to and click on the “Supplies” button.
  2. From screen control panel you can access the status of all supply items list.
  3. To print or view a report of the status of all supply items, including the genuine HP part number for reordering the supply, click the “Manage Supplies” button. Now click on the “Supplies Status” button, and then click the “Print” or “View” button.
  4. Check the cartridge status and other replaceable maintenance parts.

Still, you are not satisfied with the print outcome, continue to the next solution.

Replace the Printhead Of HP Printer:

Replacing printhead may also resolve the issue sometimes. After checking all the steps, print layout is not up-to-the-mark, try replacing the printhead then. To check the need for replacing the printhead, print a cleaning page to remove any dust and excess debris from the paper path. Use the following procedure:

How to print a Cleaning Page?

  1. From the Home screen on the product control panel, scroll to and click on the “Device Maintenance” button.
  2. Click on the “Cleaning” button and then click on “Print Cleaning Page” to print the page.
  3. The cleaning process can take a few minutes, when it is finished, discard the printed page.

And if, any specks of ink are found on the printed pages, use the following procedure to clean the printhead:

How to Clean the Printhead?

  1. From the Home screen on the product control panel, scroll to and click on the “Device Maintenance” button.
  2. Now click on the “Cleaning” button.
  3. Click on “Clean Printhead”.

If there is any need to replace the printhead, go for it. Sometimes, good printer service may resolve any issue with your printer.

HP 123 Printer Print Service:

When you tried everything and you are still experiencing the print quality problem, you may require to get your printer to HP service station.

Faint or faded text/picture is one of the most common printer issue faced by most users. The above methods are useful in bringing your print machine to best level printing job. However, sometimes the issue persists after completing the above steps and users are left frustrated and irritated. So, calling tech experts can troubleshoot all your print quality issues by diagnosing the problem quickly and fixing it in the minimum possible time.


HP Laserjet Pro Support in the USA :

When you tried everything and you are still experiencing the print quality problem, you may require to get your printer to HP service station.

We appoint the best and most experienced professionals to offer you elite IT service. Our customers are our priority and their complete satisfaction with our service is the prime reason for our success. We would be delighted to serve you by telling tips on how to fix a faded print issue with your HP LaserJet Pro m202dw printer.


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