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Overview – HP ePrint Software

Hewlett-Packard has offered its users with HP ePrint software to enable them to take print virtually anywhere in the world. The 123 HP ePrint Setup is a mobile print solution that can be used from Windows PC, laptop or tablets. Now, you can easily discover and print from multiple devices to many HP printers in the office, home, or on the go without the need for a printer specific solution.

What are the Benefits of using HP ePrint Software?

There are numerous benefits offered by HP ePrint Setup software to its users to make their daily printing job easy and hassle free. Let us discuss:

  • Users can download easily and freely, from the web while using their Windows PC, laptop or tablet.
  • One can print any file type and size from multiple applications.
  • Send private jobs to the HP Jet Advantage on Demand cloud where they are securely stored until you are ready to print later from an HP Jet Advantage-supported printer.
  • Search and send secure print jobs to Public Print Locations supported at many shops.
  • HP ePrint are automatically discover and print to available for home or business printers using a single mobile print solution.
  • Print to available printers with any connection type including network-connected (wired and Wi-Fi) printers, HP Web-connected cloud printers, and HP Wireless Direct- or Wi-Fi Direct-connected printers.

We have discussed above some benefits of utilizing HP ePrint software to make you understand the advantages of this in your business or daily routine.

Further, in this blog, we are going to learn how to setup HP ePrint Software on Windows. Before proceeding to the setup procedure, we will going to learn how to use the software.

How to Use HP ePrint Software?

www 123 hp com setup

Follow the instructions below to print using HP ePrint software:

Step 1: Open the file to be printed using the HP ePrint software.

Step 2: Click the “File” menu.

Step 3: Select the HP ePrint option from the PDF drop-down menu.

Step 4: After selecting the above option the HP ePrint software opens up.

Step 5: Now choose the “Direct” Tab and wait for the HP ePrint software to detect printers.

Step 6: Choose the printer settings such as pages per sheet and number of copies.

Step 7: Adjust the basic print setting such as pages per sheet and number of copies.

Step 8: Choose the duplex if required and click on the “Print” option finally.

You just need to follow the above set of instruction in order to use your HP ePrint software. If need any assistance, you may contact our support services in US.

Setup HP ePrint Software for Windows

To setup HP ePrint Software for Windows, follow the steps below in the order presented:

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Check the compatibility of your HP ePrint Software. It can be used on PC, laptop, or tablet with the following operating systems– Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32–bit and 64– bit).

Step 2: Configure Printer Settings and Basic Security

In order to use all of the printing features that HP ePrint Software offers, follow the steps below to configure the printer to work with all available HP ePrint Software features.

  1. Enable Web Services on the printer to enable cloud printing (optional).
  2. Enable HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct printing on the printer (optional).
  3. Enable near Field Communication (NFC) on the printer, and on the laptop or tablet (optional).
  4. Configure security settings for HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct printing (recommended).
  5. Retrieve the “DIRECT-xx-xxx” or “HP-Print xxx” name and auto-assigned password from the control panel.
Step 3: Add a Printer to HP Connected

If you own a Web-capable printer and want to send print jobs using a cloud connection or add Allowed Senders, add the printer to HP Connected.

  1. Go to HP Connected.
  2. Select Sign up, type the same personal or work email address you used to register the HP ePrint Software, complete the remaining fields, and select “Create Account”.
  3. In HP Connected, select the “Devices” tile and select “Add a Device”.
  4. Type the printer claim code from the information sheet you printed previously and select “Add”.
  5. Select the “Gear” icon or “Settings” drop-down, select “Printing”, and then select the “Authorize Email Addresses” button to add users to your Allowed Senders list (optional).
  6. Finally, obtain the printer’s email address from the “Web Services” tab in the printer’s Embedded Web Server.
Step 4: Download and Install HP ePrint Software

Follow the steps below to download and install HP ePrint software.

  1. Download the HP ePrint Software.
  • Open a Web browser and go to www.hp.com/go/eprintsoftware.
  • Select Download software.
  • Select the operating system.
  • Select Download, and then save the file to your PC, laptop, or tablet.
  1. Install the HP ePrint Software.
  • Double-click the .exe file.
  • Agree to the license agreement.
  • Modify any Installation Settings.
  • Select Install.

Now, discover and print to network-connected printers:

  • Register the HP ePrint Software to print via the cloud to a Web-connected printer or to a Public Print Location.
  • Make sure you are added as an Allowed Sender to print to a shared printer registered by another user with an HP Connected account.
  • Register with the HP Jet Advantage on Demand cloud to send private print jobs to the cloud.
Step 5: Register the HP ePrint Software

Initially when you attempt to print using HP ePrint Software, you will be prompted to register the HP ePrint Software with HP Connected. While registration with HP Connected is optional, you can follow the steps below:

  • Discover and print to Web-connected cloud printers registered with the HP Connected cloud.
  • Then, discover and print via the cloud to Web-connected printers registered with HP Connected for which you know the printer’s assigned email address (does not require Allowed Sender access).
  • Next, discover and print to Public Print Locations.

Let us see the steps involved:

  1. Select the “File” menu and select “Print”.
  2. Select the “HP ePrint + Jet Advantage” option.
  3. When prompted, select “HP ePrint Registration”.
  4. Type your personal or work email address and select “Next”.
  5. Check your email to retrieve the PIN.
  6. Type the PIN and select next.
  7. Select OK to close the registration dialog box.

After registering the HP ePrint Software, Web-connected cloud printers that are registered at HP Connected, it will be visible on the Connected tab. Public Print Locations will be visible on the Service tab. If you face any trouble doing the above steps at your own, take help from professionals at our 123printersupport.com.

Contact Us in case HP ePrint is Not Working

hp printer customer service

If your HP ePrint is not working, follow the instructions mentioned on our page to resolve this issue or you may take our expert’s help and support if needed. Let us see the steps involved:

Step 1: First try to check the status of the printer and the requirements.

Step 2: After checking the status, ensure that the printer is turned on and it is updated and connected to a network.

Step 3: HP ePrint will not work at all if it is connected with a USB cable.

Step 4: Check the email and print job requirements to confirm that the HP ePrint job prints properly.

Step 5: Furthermore, confirm the email address that is being sent from is on the allowed senders list.

Step 6: Finally, troubleshoot your network connection if the issue did not resolve after following the instructions mentioned above.

In case, you need help for HP ePrint Setup and troubleshooting the issue, call our tech team at hp.123/setup in the USA with our 24/7 helpline number. 

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are required. You just need to connect the computer or mobile device to the internet to enable ePrint service with HP 3630


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