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Improve Poor Print Quality in HP Printer

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the best brands in printers for the use of business and personal purposes. It also set a benchmark in the industry in providing high-class printer range with world-class service facility for the issues which occurred during utilization of printer. But HP Printers can be annoying sometimes, due to some technical glitches which can come anytime while printing. Though there can be numerous issues that can cause HP printer to stop working but the main issue which frequently occurs with any user is poor print quality. 

Everyone encounters poor-quality printing at one time or another. Though HP printers are known for their good quality printing but certain technical faults make the printer to produce poor quality prints but you can fix that defect easily. 

Reasons for Poor Quality Printing

  • Ink shortage or poor-quality cartage
  • Outdated software 
  • Printer hardware errors
  • Technical glitches or connection errors


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Quick Fixes for Poor Quality Printing Results:

While some printing problems may be serious, most often, the printer is experiencing a minor malfunction that can be easily fixed by any user by using simple techniques. 

Try these following tips to enhance the quality of your print machine:


  1. Align printer cartridge or head 
  • A control panel on most printers allows you to adjust alignment using an automated system. Every printer will have an alternate interaction for this.
  • You can find this feature, for instance, under the Setup menu on the majority of HP devices. If you’re looking for particular instructions for your device, see your user manual or do a web search.

2. Print from high-resolution files available  

  • Get the print by selecting the best resolution file you have available for printing at high-quality, for image, logo, or document. Files are frequently stored at reduced resolution to save file size. There is too much distance between the dots in these pictures, so they won’t print well.
  • Your printer must be configured to print higher resolution quality if you want to achieve good results.

3. Ink & Toner should be handled properly  

  • Although it may be tempting to try to cut costs on toner and ink, it is always advisable to use the toner that the manufacturer has advised. Inks, toners, and cartridges may not appear sophisticated at first glance.
  • There is no point of discussion that, there are several ways to reduce the cost on printing supplies. Additionally, cartridges are prone to damage. Always store them flat and in accordance with the manufacturer’s handling recommendations.

4. Configure Print Speed

  • Your printer may have ink over-saturation problems if the ink has bled or the page has distorted. By speeding up the printing, you may quickly fix this problem.
  • You can easily adjust the print speed and quality settings in Advanced Property Dialog Box. If you are having trouble configuring your printer for high-resolution printing, contact a certified printer support technician for assistance.

5. Clean printer, cartridges, and heads carefully

  • Clogged or dirty print heads, nozzles, or other parts of the printer can cause white lines to appear on the page. You can access your printer’s print head cleaning feature from the printer’s built-in control panel or from the device software on your computer.
  • When cleaning any components on your printer, utilize the right cleaning methods since using the wrong cleaning agents or processes can easily cause harm to your printer.

6. Protection against heat and humidity

  • Keep your printers away from other heat-generating equipment and high-temperature areas.

7.Choose the right paper

  • One ream of paper seems quite similar to another to the untrained eye. But inexpensive paper is that way for a reason. Try switching to a higher-quality paper if you see toner specks, fuzziness, or fading. Choosing right variety of paper is important because individual devices have their own configuration regarding their paper type, size, and thickness.

8. Do upgrade your print drivers when available

 If you aren’t using the most up-to-date software, your print quality may suffer.

To resolve most print quality issues, it is always advised to use genuine HP cartridges, and in some cases, you might need to allow the printer to complete the automatic servicing routine. Also, check the paper and print settings to make sure that they are correct for the print job, and clean the cartridges and print head regularly without fail. Replace any empty or damaged cartridges if necessary.

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Call a Professional for Help at 123printersupport Service 

If you are unable to fix the poor quality printing with your HP Printer even after following the above tips, contact a support services provider, where technicians are available to help and guide you 24×7 hours. Call 123printersupport.com in the USA and ask for solving the problem.

In addition to attempting these repairs, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular printer maintenance. Periodically, all of the printer’s primary internal components require maintenance or replacement. 

In order to improve the print quality of your device, you need to connect with a good service team, where well-trained and certified technicians are available to guide you on keeping your printer well maintained so that you will get good print every time you print from your device. However, if you are already facing a problem with your print machine, get immediate in contact with our support team by dialing our Helpline Number.


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