How To Fix Hp Error 49.4c02

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Hp 123 Error 49.4c02 Fixed

Hp printer Error Message 49.4c02 Fixed Follow the Steps

 “HP 123 setup Printer 49.4c02 Error” US is a well-known bug amongst HP users that stops all the operations and disturbs the tasks which are being performed on the printer. Though it is a temporary issue, it could render long-lasting effects on your printer. When you encounter this Printer issue for the first time, your device gets prone to it. So, one should try to avoid this error which can adversely affect the workflow and the overall functionality of your printer. Do you Want Hp 123 Error 49.4c02 Fixed? if yes then be with us.

This error is usually caused by a print job that is in the queue. Users can just fix the error by deleting the queue jobs. If the error issue is not resolved on time, this can create many headaches and affect an organization’s productivity badly. 

Reasons behind 49.4c02 Error on HP Printers

The 49.4C02 error has been largely attributed to the miscommunication between the target printer and the system that sent the print. In addition, it is generally due to an outdated firmware version installed in the target printer. 

Some other reasons for the 49.4c02 error on your HP printer are:

  • Multiple printing tasks assigned on HP Setup Printer
  • And unstable Wi-Fi connection
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How Can I Fix 49.4c02 Error on HP Printers?

When you encounter a 49.4c02 error with your Printer issue, here are some steps which you can follow to fix the issue instantly:

Delete Print Queue Jobs

Of all the printing jobs listed, if none of them is important, remove them from the queue. Once you have removed all the jobs from the queue, try printing the test document. You can do this by following the steps below:

Step1: Tap to the Printer Icon at the right-hand corner of your PC to open the Printing Device.

Step2: Open the Print Queue list. And delete all jobs which are in the queue.

Disable Advanced Printing Features

Disable advanced printing method involves the following steps:

Step1: Go to Windows Logo printers.

Step2: Choose the printer queue.

Step3: Left click and choose printing preference.

Step4: Choose the Advance option.

Step5: Under the Document option, choose Advanced Printing Features.

Step6: Change it to Disabled.

Try printing again using a test page. If this doesn’t help, try the next solution

Update the Firmware of your HP Printer

Firmware in a printer is similar to the operating system of the printer. Outdated firmware is the first suspect when this error occurs on an HP printer. To check if your HP printer’s firmware is updated or not, try printing the configuration page of your printer. You can identify the latest firmware version updated on your system through the following steps:

Step1: Go to the Control Panel and print a configuration page.

Step2: You will get the printed page of the current version of the firmware.

Step3: Check the date of the firmware version.

If the firmware version is an outdated one, you are advised to update the firmware of your printer. Follow these steps to configure the latest one to resolve HP error 49.4c02:

Step1: Visit HP printer’s Website and choose “Support and Drivers”

Step2: Type “Enter my HP printer model number”, and follow the instructions to proceed further.

Step3: The support page will open for that printer. Select your Windows version under the Operating system.

Step4: Now click the “Firmware Section”.

Step5:  Always check the date of the current version. The latest Firmware will be on top.

Step6: Click on ‘easy firmware update utility.’ Then, click on ‘Download’ and install the firmware.

Step7: Once downloaded, run the latest firmware update. On-Screen instructions will appear which will ask you to select your Printer to update from the given list.

Step8: Click on the option ‘Send Firmware’ to continue the installation.

It may take a few minutes, so be patient. If this method does not work, try the next one to resolve HP error 49.4c02.

Update Drivers to PCL6 Driver

Using the PCL6 drivers for HP printers can resolve 49.4C02 errors in large cases. However, to install the PCL6 drivers, first, you will have to download them.

Step1: Go to HP drivers US Website.

Step2: Under “Enter my HP Model Number”, enter your printer model. The support page will open for that printer. Select your Windows version under the Operating system.

Step3: click on the Driver – Universal Print Driver to expand it.

Step4: Search for “HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6” and click the Download button.

Step5: Run the downloaded file and it will ask for a location to extract its content. Define a location or leave the default in it and Click Unzip.

Step6: Installation will start automatically.

Step7: To reinstall, use the drivers from the folder in which you just extracted the PCL6 drivers. If the extraction location was left as default, then it would be C:\HP Universal Print Driver\pcl6-xxx-x.x.x.xxxxx.

Now restart your printer and the error must be gone. If it’s not, try another method.

Print PDF as Image

Step1: Firstly clear the print queue.

Step2: Restart the printer.

Step3: Open the PDF you were trying to print.

Step4: Press and hold the “Windows Key” and press “P” to bring the print window. Now click on the “Advanced Button”.

Step5: Put a “Check” next to the “Print As Image” box.

Step6: Click “OK” and “Print” the document. The location of the Print As Image option may vary from printer to printer.

Check if the issue is resolved. If not, then it’s the PDF file that is corrupt.

Contact Us for Immediate Support

If all the above steps are not working in your favor and you’re still struggling with the functionality of your HP printer, give us a call back on toll-free number and obtain instant help from experts via 24×7 hours availability. They will assist you in fixing the error 49.4C02 in no time. You can also email or chat with us by visiting our portal. For Hp Printer US Contact Us . Or Visit  Official.

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