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How To Fix HP Printer Error Code: 0xc4eb827f

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Steps to Fix HP/setup Printer Error Code: 0xc4eb827f


While using HP printers in day-to-day life, users may encounter with various types of errors and problems. In addition, HP printers often encounter this error code 0xC4EB827F. “HP Printer Error Code 0xc4eb827f” can arise for many reasons, but in most cases, it is caused by overuse.  This error code is occasionally brought on by hardware issues, though. 

If you’re one of the users whose HP printer is giving you this error and you want to learn how to resolve HP printer error code 0xC4EB827F, then keep reading this blog. This error code has been encountered once or twice by every user of an HP printer.

We have tried to provide you with every possible solution for error code 0xC4EB827F, let’s check them.


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Reasons for HP Printer Error Code 0xC4EB827F-

This error is brought on by a hardware issue with the HP printer, which can result from broken rails, an off-site purge assembly, debris, a paper jam, or even a dirty encoder strip. We’ve listed a few of the troublesome elements that may be to blame for this error in your HP printer.

  • Long periods of device usage
  • Improperly installed ink cartridges
  • Outdated Printer Driver
  • Corrupted registry files


Ways to Fix 123 HP Printer Error 0xC4EB827F-

Various methods exist for removing this error code from your HP printer. Some of the most effective methods which a user can follow by self are explained below:


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Method 1: Update the 123 hp Printer Driver

HP Error 0xC4EB827F may be caused by outdated Printer Drivers. The driver needs to be updated as soon as possible in order to resolve this issue. follow the steps mansion below:

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon and open up the “Start menu”. Click on the “Control Panel” option. On the screen, the Control Panel window will appear.

Step 2: On that window, click on the “Hardware and Sound” option in order to enter into its window.

Step 3: Now, in the Hardware and Sound window, look for the “Printers” option and then click on it. The Printers option will be expanded after you click.

Step 4: In the Printers option’s expanded section, you will get the “HP Printer Driver” option.

Step 5: Right-click on that option and open up the “Context menu.” You need to select “Update driver” from that menu.

Step 6: After that, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. Choose “drivers automatically” from the search results.

When you do the above step, Windows update tool will begin searching for those driver updates which are accessible for your HP printer. What’s more in the event that the tool can find one, it will automatically download and install those driver updates on your system framework.

If the Windows update tool, however, was unable to locate anything useful for you, you should go to the HP official website and manually download and install the most recent printer drives on your computer. Here, you will also find the latest version of HP printer application there.

Now, after you updated both of them, try printing something to your HP printer to see if the problem is present.


Method 2: Reboot the HP Printer

Users of HP printers typically reboot the connected PC and the printer to get rid of this error number. And it’s probable that your printer will benefit from the same method. Because of reason, we advise you to try this approach before utilising any other alternatives.

You need to follow some simple to execute the reboot method properly that are provided below:

Step 1: Turn “off” your HP printer and remove all the ink cartridge present in it. After that, unplug every USB and power cable that is connected to it.

Step 2: Then, shut down your system and switch off your wireless router.

Step 3: Now, wait for a few minutes and after that, you can turn on the printer.

Step 4: Once the printer turns on, it will ask for the ink cartridge. At that moment, you need to install the ink cartridge into it.

Next, switch on your computer and router, then connect them to your HP printer. Try to remove several test pages now to see if the error has been fixed or not.


Method 3: Repair the Registry File

The Registry file corruption issue is also responsible for the error code 0xC4EB827F. If the same problem is impacting your system and printer, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open up the “Setting window” and click on the “Update & Security” option.

Step 2: The “Update & Security” window will open up on the screen. Now, tap on the “Recovery tab”.

Step 3: In that tab, you need to click on the “Advanced Start-up” option and then hit the “Restart” now button.

Step 4: The “Choose an option” screen will emerges. You must select the Troubleshoot option from that settings menu in order to access it.

Step 5: Now, inside the Troubleshoot window, you need to select the “Advanced Options” then click on the “Automated Repair”.

Step 6: After that, a login window will open up on the screen. You must first select an account on that window before logging in.

Once you do the above steps, the Automatic Repair process will start on your system. Your computer might reboot numerous times while this is happening. Therefore, refrain from interfering with anything until your system displays the Home or Lock screen.

Now that the procedure has been completed, try using your HP printer to see if the error has been fixed. 



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We hope that our ideas and suggestions will be of great assistance to you if you are having problems with your HP printer. The above methods can surely solve your printer error issues in most of the times. However, if you still in the trouble regarding your HP printer error issue, feel free to contact us at 123printersupport for the best technical advice from the team of professionals. 


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