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Error 601 or Battery Alert Message Fixed

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Methods to Fix HP Laptop Error 601:

In this blog, we will discuss the quick fixes that will help you resolve the hp Error 601 easily. Follow the methods explained below Or You can visit hp.123.com/support for more detail :

123 HP Printer Battery

Method 1: Re-insert the Battery

Sometimes, if the connection of the battery is not correctly set, then there is a possibility for you to encounter this issue. Taking out the battery and re-inserting it is the simplest way to solve the error 601 problems with your HP Laptop. Here we go for the steps to resolve the error:

Step1: Turn off your computer.

Step2: Remove your laptop’s battery.

Step3: Perform PC unplug from the power supply.

Step4: To drain any remnant electrical charge in the capacitors, press and hold the power button for at least 25 seconds after removing the battery.

Step5: Replace the battery in your computer and connect the power cord.

Step6: Turn on your laptop now.

Step7: If the problem notice still appears after you power your laptop, move on to the next step.

HP Printer Battery Test

Method 2: Run Battery Test

HP laptops come with a system diagnostic tool that allows you to test the battery and optimize its performance. If this tool is used, you may troubleshoot this error with your HP laptop. For this method, follow the steps mentioned:

Step1: Tap the “Windows Logo” on the taskbar to open the “Start” menu.

Step2: Then locate the “Power icon” from the menu list. A pop up list will appear.

Step3: Next, choose the “Shut down” button.

Step4: Now, boot up the computer and press the “Esc” key.

Step5: As soon as you tap on the key, the “Start” menu will come up once again.

Step6: Now, click “F2” key in order to open the “Battery Test” tool.

Step7: Once this tool comes up, follow the instructions and try to fix the issue accordingly.

HP Printer Replace Battery

Method 3: Replace Battery of HP Laptop

Battery life may sink over time due to various factors. So, considering changing your PC or laptop’s battery may put stop to this error occurring. You must make sure that the PC has a newly purchased battery and hasn’t been damaged.

To replace your battery from laptop or PC follows the steps discussed:

 Step1: Disconnect the adapter from your laptop and turn it off.

Step2: Remove the old battery from its compartment or storage area by sliding it out.

Step3: Remove the replacement battery from its packaging.

Step4: It should slide into the notch or bay.

Step5: To secure it in place, close the safety latch.

Step6: Reconnect the adapter and fully charge the battery.

If this method is not working in resolving the error issue, try to run your laptop or PC without the battery.

123 HP Printer Without Battery

Method 4: Run the laptop without the battery

With the simple to follow steps, you can run your laptop without requiring a battery:

Step1: “Turn Off” the computer.

Step2: Unplug the laptop from the power supply and remove the battery.

Step3:  Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds after removing the battery.

Step4: After that, plug the power cord into your PC without the battery.

Step5: Finally, reboot your HP system to see if the problem persists.

Tried all of the above possible methods and still in trouble ? Do not panic and contact hp.com to get experts’ views.

Method 5: Contact hp.com to resolve HP error 601

 If none of the above-mentioned methods or suggestions worked, you can contact 123printersupport instantly to get an expert’s advice to troubleshoot the error 601. We appoint the best and most experienced professionals to offer you elite IT service. Experts are available 24×7 for you to fix every technical issue which can hinder the performance of your HP Laptop anytime. hp.123 is official for Hp Laptop. 

Our customers are our priority and their complete satisfaction with our service is the prime reason for our success. Taking assistance from a professional team might resolve the HP error 601 easily and more effectively rather than by trying yourself. We hope that we have helped you in resolving HP error 601 for you. You can also email or chat with us by visiting our portal or you can directly visit Official for more details.

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